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Restructure Rolfwork

During Ryan's stay in the hospital and for several months after, he was doing Physical, Occupational, Speech and Psychological therapies with minimal success. At that point Ryan went and received his first massage session and finally found some relief. This bodywork session brought Ryan to realize his life purpose and passion for life.

In 2001 Ryan met Gypsy Cloud, a Rolf Practitioner and decided to give Rolf work a try. Considering how all other forms of therapy had not helped with the long lasting effects of his traumas that occurred in 1994. After completing his first ten series, the chronic headache he had been dealing with for seven years had completely disappeared! It was then that Ryan knew he was destined to be a Rolf Practitioner.


Ryan has been practicing the Rolf method of structural Integration since 2011. He went to school at the Guild of Structural Integration in Boulder, Co. rolfguild.org. Ryan studied under Advanced Practitioners Jeff Linn, jefflinn.yogabodywork.net and Amber Burnham, centerforlength.com. 

In 1996 Ryan enrolled in the Massage Therapy course at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, Ut. Graduating with his certification in June 1997. The next year Ryan moved to Jackson Hole, Wy where he established his own clientele until he moved to Colorado in 2008. 

In 1994, Ryan was climbing in Ogden Canyon, Ut and had fallen which ended up with him breaking his Sacrum, After healing from that injury just a few months later in that same year Ryan was in a terrible car accident that forced him into a medically induced comma, which lasted 6 days.

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