Summary of Rolf sessions

  • all sessions include some neck/back/pelvic work
  • session 1-Upper body focus to increased breath and vital capacity/begin horizontalization of hips.
  • session 2-Establish a foundation in feet & lower leg/match back length to front achieved in session 1
  • session 3-Establish a vertical line between shoulders to knees; working sidelines of the body
  • session 4-Reinforce feet through inside line of leg 
  • session 5-Continue reinforcement of session 4 line into upper body 
  • session 6-Lengthen posterior aspect of legs from feet to lower back
  • session 7-Lengthening and repositioning the head, neck and shoulder girdle
  • sessions 8 & 9-Depending on your bodies needs these sessions focus on either the upper girdle or lower girdle and then the other
  • session 10-Re-enforcing sessions 1-9 depending on your bodies needs
  • post 10 work/tune ups-typically 1-5 sessions depending on your bodies needs

Rolf session-$90 per session

60 minute massage-$55

90 minute massage-$80

**modalities - swedish to deep tissue      are all at the same price.


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